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Pothole tire damage

Pothole Tire Damage – Is My Wheel OK?

“A pothole swallowed my wheel and tire. There doesn’t look to be any visible damage to the wheel, but there’s a bulge in the tire and a vibration on the highway. What’s up?”

A bulge or bubble on the side of a tire usually means that the sidewall cords are broken or damaged due to impact. Go to your closest tire dealer and get the tire replaced asap. It’s a weak spot and the slightest of impacts could cause the tire to blow out! If it’s a big bubble, it might be better to put the spare on or call AAA.

A vibration on the highway usually means your tire and wheel are out of balance.

The wheel weights used to balance your tires could have come off on impact and a computerized high-speed balance might fix it. The wheel could be bent and beyond balancing, Most wheels can be repaired, but you might need a new wheel.

If something doesn’t look, fell, and smell right after an encounter with a pothole, it’s best to get it checked out asap.

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