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Free Tires for Life Scam

The Truth About Free Tires For Life

“Free Tires for Life” is a common ploy used by car dealers to keep you coming back to them.but the truth is you’ll more than pay for those free tires.

And as with anything that sounds too good to be true, what the large print giveth, the asterisk* taketh away.

Because if the car dealer said what it really means, the promotion would probably read something like this:

“the free tires aren’t really free since we included the estimated cost of this lifetime of tires in the price of the car we sold you and we’ll recoup the cost of the tires through the required maintenance we’ve just obligated you to do or risk voiding this contract.”

But, that’s too many words…So what are free tires for life?

A scam! Free tires for life means you have to go back to the car dealer all your service, not just the tire rotation, wheel balance, and wheel alignment, but all the routine oil changes and factory scheduled maintenance services too.

  • Miss a visit or go to anyone except them for any service? -No free tires for you!
  • Hit a curb? – Forget about a free tire!
  • Not riding on baloney skins yet? – You’ll need to be to get those free tires!

Car dealers exist to extort as much money as possible from you. They’ve using scams and gimmicks like “Free Tire For Life”, the high-pressure forced warranty, or overpriced GAP insurance to part you with your hard-earned money for years. You’ll understand what I mean if you’ve ever tried to collect on one of these policies.

Don’t fall prey to this scam. Buy your tires from a tire shop you trust and one that doesn’t play mind games – Ask about their free rotation and balancing as part of the deal, and get the alignments and other maintenance services if and when you need them.

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