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Mobile Tire Shop For Rental & Ride-Share Fleets

I’ve mounted, high-speed balanced, and installed over 200 tires on 80 rental and ride-share cars over the last 3 weeks. The specialized mobile tire shop service we provide is invaluable for fleet managers, getting fast-moving vehicles back to work faster.

Forget waiting for the tires shop, Kenwood Tire Mobile brings quality tire shop service on your doorstep:  Our custom-outfitted Sprinter is set-up for on-site tire mounting and high-speed balancing, specializing in large fleets of rental, lease, and ride-share vehicles.

We’ll change 20 – 50 tires a day, setting the tire pressure on every car, hand-torquing every wheel, and making sure every valve has got a valve cap.

If you have or manage a fleet of rental, lease, and TNC vehicles, we should talk. I can save you time and money.

Call me at (508) 443-1845 – Spencer – Owner

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Tire Service For Working Cars, Vans, & Trucks

Mobile tire service brings relief to your working car fleet!

Mobile tire service at your location is just another day at the office for Kenwood Tire Mobile.

Yesterday, we changed 39 tires on 25 cars at the airport car rental and ride-share garage, putting those cars back into service without waiting for the fleet garage.

Mounting, high-speed balancing, installation and hand-torquing wheels, checking the air pressure and resetting the TPMS, even putting away the spare tires.

100% tires, 100% mobile, we make tire service easy!

Browse and shop for tires 24/7 with our virtual tire store Email or call me at (508) 443-1845 for more information on mobile tire service for your fleet.

Mobile Fleet tire service

Chose Mobile Tire Service For Your Fleet

I started Kenwood Tire’s mobile fleet tire service because I understand the time and cost pressures placed on a business when a vehicle down. 

If all you need is tires, waiting for the tire shop or garage can be frustrating, costing you time and money.

I’ve taken tire service to the next level with mobile fleet tire service. Now you can skip the tire shop altogether!

We service all makes and models – Car • Van • SUV • 4X4 • Light Truck • Sport Utility • Construction trailer • Horse trailer • Boat trailer • Fifth wheel trailer and Golf Cart.

We specialize in fleet tire service for large rental and ride-share fleets. With a minimum of $75, there’s no call-out charge in our service area.

Let’s talk! Call me (508) 443-1845

Spencer – Owner