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Mobile tire installation 22-inch range rover wheels

Mobile Tire Service – A Perfect Fit For Your Busy Lifestyle

Just like auto glass, mobile tire service saves you time and makes your life easier. All work is done on-site and you’ll pay less.

All work is done on-site and you’ll pay less.

Our van is outfitted to mount, balance, and install tires on-site.

We service all makes and models – Car • Van • SUV • 4X4 • Light Truck • Sport Utility • Construction trailer • Horse trailer • Boat trailer • Fifth wheel trailer and Golf Cart.

Hire us by the job or by the day, and ask about our fleet tire program that saves downtime and money. We’re also available for corporate and training events.

To find out more about Kenwood mobile tire service, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, message us on Facebook or contact us at (508) 583-5031.

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Mobile tire installation 22-inch range rover wheels

Range Rover Tire Installation at Home.

The customer was working from home: Conference call at 11, kids to pick up at 3, and there’s no time for the tire shop or dealer.

But the Range Rover was begging for some stunning 22-inch wheel and tires! Call Tirefitter Mobile!

We made it happen in the driveway; installing new tire pressure sensors and installing the wheels. We set the air pressure to 37 psi in the front and 44 psi in the rear, torquing by hand to 100 ft-lbs.

If you don’t have the time or the wherewithal for the tire shop or dealer, call us. – We make tires happen in your driveway or at work.

(508) 583-5031

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severe tire cracking

About Tire Cracking and Dry Rot

All tires develop tread or sidewall cracks over time – Just like humans, it’s usually a sign of aging.

Most drivers will wear out the tread before tire cracking ever becomes an issue. But just like tire blooming, tire cracking is common on vehicles that don’t get driven much – Trailers, RV’s, and classic and collector cars, your grandma’s car or church’s van.  On these vehicles, it’s possible the tires need to be replaced before they’re worn out.

Just like a 65-year-old person, your tires may look good and be holding air just fine, but put them under load on a 105-degree day and you’re inviting trouble. Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires every 6 years whether they’re worn out or not.

Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires every 6 years whether they’re worn out or not.

Tire cracking is also known as “dry-rot” and happens when the rubber starts to break down due to ozone. UV, and road salt.  You can reduce sidewall cracking by using a protectant with anti-ozinant, sunscreen, and a conditioner.  I recommend staying away from silicone or petroleum based tire cleaners that work too good and will deplete the tire’s protection and warranty even more.

Tire cracking can also be a manufacturing defect. We use Michelin’s guidelines to determine if your tire cracking is cosmetic (non-warrantable), or severe (warrantable), and will go to bat for you with tire cracking, or any other manufacturing defect when needed.

tire cracking chart

If you are unsure of your tires, it’s best to get them checked out asap. Call us (508) 443-1845, we’re always here to help.

Continental Tire Rebate & Sale

Buy four Continental tires and get a $70 Visa® Prepaid Card by mail until 4/15/2017.

Continental is our go-to tire brand – You’ll get the latest in technology, benefits, and features, as well as a factory-backed road-hazard warranty, should anything happen down the road.

It’s a lot of tire for the money!

continental tire rebate

My favorite tire is the Continental PureContact – A hard working tire with a good blend of luxury ride and all-season performance. With improved treadwear, increased fuel efficiency, and best-in-class wet braking, the

A good tire for the money and ideal tfor New England driving conditions.

Shop online – Take advantage of a $70 Continental tire rebate.

We stock the complete line of Continental passenger & light truck tires. We can install them at the shop, home or work.

We make tires easy –  Call us at (508) 443-1845.


Pothole tire damage

Pothole Tire Damage – Is My Wheel OK?

“A pothole swallowed my wheel and tire. There doesn’t look to be any visible damage to the wheel, but there’s a bulge in the tire and a vibration on the highway. What’s up?”

A bulge or bubble on the side of a tire usually means that the sidewall cords are broken or damaged due to impact. Go to your closest tire dealer and get the tire replaced asap. It’s a weak spot and the slightest of impacts could cause the tire to blow out! If it’s a big bubble, it might be better to put the spare on or call AAA.

A vibration on the highway usually means your tire and wheel are out of balance.

The wheel weights used to balance your tires could have come off on impact and a computerized high-speed balance might fix it. The wheel could be bent and beyond balancing, Most wheels can be repaired, but you might need a new wheel.

If something doesn’t look, fell, and smell right after an encounter with a pothole, it’s best to get it checked out asap.

Send me pictures, ask me about any of your pothole tire damage questions. Call(508) 583 5031. Email or message on Facebook. I’m here to get you back on the road with a safe vehicle and a minimum of fuss.