Frequently Asked Questions – Mobile Tire Service – Mobile Tire Shop

The Tire Connector & Mobile Tire Service – That’s tire buying made easy.

What’s your service area? We are located in Bridgewater MA and service most of Boston’s South Shore, including Easton MA, Brockton MA, Raynham MA, Abington MA, Avon MA, Taunton MA. and Middleboro MA. Check us out on Google+ and Facebook, or call for details.

Can I buy tires from you? Shop us online or call us for fully installed prices – We have competitive prices and a large selection.

Will you install tires I bought online? Mobile installation is available for customer supplied tires – Most cost $35-40 per tire

Do you service fleet vehicles? We specialize in small business, commercial, fleet, and company cars. We welcome private and national fleet accounts including Donlen, Element, Enterprise, Hertz, Voyager, and Wex.

Does a mobile tire shop cost more? Mobile tire service is a convenience that doesn’t come at a cost. With a $75 minimum service charge, there’s no extra charge for mobile service when work is scheduled during normal working hours.

What type of vehicles do you service? Car, truck, van, SUV, CUV, RV, & Trailer – From a Mini to a 1-Ton Dually.

What services do you provide? Tire mounting and high-speed balancing – We also do tire repairs, rotation, seasonal tire changes and TPMS service.

How much space do you need? If you can open the doors walk around the vehicle, that’s usually all the space we’ll need to do the job.

How do I pay? When the job is done – We accept credit cards or pay us with Paypal.

To schedule service or a demo, call (508) 443-1845, email & message us too.


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